Win Valve is a professional manufacturer of soft seat, metal seat and fire-safe high performance butterfly valves, our quality is equal to Tyco, Flowseal and Bray. Our High Performance Butterfly Valves are designed for critical applications in chemical industries, petrochemical industries, power plants, district heating. They provide exceptionally long and trouble-free service life, reducing total cost of ownership.Win valves are rigorously tested to meet demanding industry performance requirements. Win Valve Performance Butterfly Valves are designed for shutoff and throttling control of liquids and gas. The dynamic PTFE/RTFE seat provides bubble-tight shutoff in both directions. The unique disc design provides lower torque and longer cycle life.


Size range: 2-60" (50-1500mm)
(2", 2.5",3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 40", 42", 48", 54", 60")
(50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1200mm, 1500mm)...


Body materials: carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB or stainless steel 316 SS (A351-CF8M)
Disc in carbon steel ASTM A216 WCB or in stainless steel 316 SS (A351-CF8M)
One piece stem of stainless steel materials 17-4PH...


 butterfly valve with double eccentric design
Suitable as end of line valve up to nominal pressure
Replaceable, resilient carbon fibre reinforced RTFE seat...


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